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Structured planning is what sets Dino Drop-In apart from other drop-in centers. You won’t find screens and electronic toys entertaining children here, our preschool programs have been developed to inspire intrinsic motivation to learn and grow. Activities throughout the day have been carefully selected and timed to give the maximum learning opportunity to each child while respecting the shorter attention spans of the youngest in our community. A mixed age group class fosters a community feel and growth mindset in the younger children and empathy in the older children as they learn to navigate activities in an inclusive manner.

There are multiple opportunities in a day for circle time and group activities to inspire and share. Free play and gross motor skill development give plenty of time to burn off energy, build strength, independence, and resilience. Project time allows your child to develop their interests and explore creatively. At Dino Drop-in we have monthly themes to help guide children to learn about the world around them and encourage a lifelong love of learning. Choose Dino Drop-in for services that deliver more than just a helping hand.

All Dino Drop-In teachers are background checked, trained in CPR/1st Aide, and required to do continuing education each year.

Meet Miss Sarah,

I have been working at Dino since April 2019 and have been working with children for most of my life. Ive helped coach sports since I was in school and have my degree in education. My favorite part of working with children is that every day is different and that they see the world in a way that sparks creativity and hope. I love getting to know the families and really being able to help support them in their goals and their children. A fun fact about me is that I ballroom dance and was an instructor for a little while.

Say hi to Miss Bree,

“I have been working at Dino for a year and a half. 

I started off working with children in middle school when I would babysit for my neighbors. Since then, I’ve worked at numerous pre-schools and volunteer programs with children. I currently am a pre-service teacher through MSU.

My favorite part about working with children is seeing them grow developmentally and building relationships with other children. They’re also just so funny and unique and I’m constantly laughing when I’m around them.

My favorite part of working at Dino is the experience I get with infants and pre-k children. I’m an elementary ed major so I don’t typically work with this age group but I love to be around them.A fun fact about me is that I have an irrational fear of crickets. “
Meet Miss Brittany
Brittany has been at Dino since May 2019!
She has been working with children as a job since 2015 but babysat neighbor kids through high school.
Her favorite part about working with children is seeing what they can do with their imagination and watch them grow everyday!
Her favorite part about working at Dino is the wonderful staff and the kids and their parents! We see a lot of regular kids daily but its always exciting to see our summer kids and see how much they’ve grown!
A fun fact about her is that she is scared of large bodies of water and the dark!
“I have been working at Dino since November 2019 and working with children for the past three years. My favorite part about working with children is you get to watched them grow and succeed! I love working at Dino because we have such great staff and you get the opportunity to build a relationship with the kids who come to Dino. A fun fact about me is, I have 2 dogs and a Parrot!” – Miss Kelsey
“I’ve been working at Dino since October 2020. However, I’ve been working with children since 2013 and am majoring in elementary education at MSU. My favorite part about working with children is watching them learn and understand things along the way and how I can be apart of that. My favorite part about working at dino is getting to work with children of all ages and how you’re always on your feet taking care of the children. A fun fact about myself is that my favorite animal is a shark and I’ve been riding horses for 10 years now.” – Miss Carly
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